Preserve quotes? Yes No
Expand proper nouns? Yes No

Word cloud visualizations engage people in exploring language. Wordle is a tool that helps generate beautiful word clouds from text you provide. Frequently appearing words render relatively larger. This means what you put in affects what you get out. While Wordle offers excellent flexibility once the cloud is drawn, I found myself constantly cleaning up my text prior to using the tool.

Wordle Presoak helps prepare your text for more beautiful Wordle art! It does five humble things:

  1. Attempts to preserve multi-word proper nouns.

  2. Removes the apostrophe “s” from possessive nouns.

  3. Removes salutations (i.e. Mr. Ms. Mrs.).

  4. Optionally expands propernouns if available
    (i.e. [Barack | Obama] becomes Barack Obama).

  5. Optionally preserves quotations in the text.


© 2008 Brian D. Goodman