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This past Friday I received an email from a publisher about updating my contact information so I can receive a royalty check. Mind you, I have lived at three different addresses since the beginning of pulling the book together – New York City, Westford, MA and now Norwalk, CT. One of the frustrating aspects of traditional press is that the distance between idea to book is often twelve months or more.

As a co-editor on Peer to Peer Computing: The Evolution of a Disruptive Technology this annoyance is evident – probably only exacerbated more by the fact that editors see to every step, solicitation of chapters thru pre-press review. The goal of the book was to pull from both academia and IT practitioners to explore the impact of the P2P shift on a variety of domains. Traditional publishing is on a delayed release so some of the content is bound to feel dated. On the other hand, it is newer than whatever came out before it.

Frustration aside, I am looking forward to cashing the check!