PepsiCo. Sculpture Garden: A first slide show with SlideShowPro

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I am always in the throws of the dilemma to share photographs. I tend to the side of the perfectionist, which means I spend an enormous amount of time with photographs I care about. This makes it prohibitive for me to start the activity of sharing photos, something I actually adore. Another aspect is protecting, what is in some cases my art. I know as well as anyone, once on the Internet, it is like an open market. In addition I am unhappy with the open-source photo gallery experience. Short of Flickr‘s other social aspects, none of them really excite me. So, I shelled out $20 for Slide Show Pro, a photo gallery viewer created in Macromedia Flash. It pulls in an XML file and dynamically renders a collection. Check out my first slide show of photographs taken back in July 1, 2006. They are from the sculptures that surround the PepsiCo. headquarters in Purchase, New York.

Screen shot of PepsiCo. Gallery in SlideShowPro