Shifting to simple

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It is not new news that a current is underfoot, one that has us moving away from overly complex IT. Google is often associated with the desired model of application design. Gmail, Goggle Maps and the slew of other rich web and light client applications that over deliver on expectations – delighting users. Microsoft launched its live software offering to try to capture some of the attention. At the end of the day, it is not the Google Labs that is going to threaten competition. Among several things, it is the fact that Google has built its tooling on a base that begs to be remixed – pulled a part, embedded, extended and done so in short order. Moving to simple does not mean IT problems get easier. There is plenty of heavy lifting behind many important solutions, its just that we need to offer the interfaces that enable the move to simple. This is like a flash back to four years ago and the argument for web services. A measure of success will center around how remixed a solution is. If you remixed a lot then you reduced development cycles and shortened time to market or time to productive use. If your services are remixed well then you exposed the right interfaces that support so much follow on innovation. I wonder if we make simple, complicated?