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Brian D. Goodman - Headshot cropI believe in constantly reinventing now; empathizing as a means to understand; fully engaging everything; thinking creatively; and acting as if it matters.

I do these things by creating and sharing ideas; identifying and amplifying the best thinking around me; distilling meaning, motivation and aspiration; looking beyond how it is; and applying technology & talent to consistently deliver remarkable outcomes, solutions & people.

I am a creative leader that enjoys technology and currently the CTO transforming ICWG, the world’s largest car wash company.

My name is Brian Goodman and when I am not working my time is filled with my family, home and hobbies. At any moment you might find me brewing a batch of beer, riding motorcycles or writing – preferably with a fountain pen. It has been a while, but I am still on a Hybrid Photo Journey, working with film and what it means in a world of digital.

Better yet, see how we are connected using LinkedIn. We might know each other from time spent at ICWG, DADO, ActionIQ, Kalibri Labs, MongoDB, JPMorgan or IBM.

Last updated: January 28, 2020