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Brian D. Goodman - Headshot cropI believe in constantly reinventing now; empathizing as a means to understand; fully engaging everything; thinking creatively; and acting as if it matters.

I do these things by creating and sharing ideas; identifying and amplifying the best thinking around me; distilling meaning, motivation and aspiration; looking beyond how it is; and applying technology & talent to consistently deliver remarkable outcomes, solutions & people.

I am a creative leader that enjoys technology and a founder and CTO of DADO.

My name is Brian Goodman and when I am not working my time is filled with my family, home and hobbies. At any moment you might find me brewing a batch of beer, riding motorcycles or writing – preferably with a fountain pen. It has been a while, but I am still on a Hybrid Photo Journey, working with film and what it means in a world of digital.

Better yet, see how we are connected using LinkedIn. We might know each other from time spent at ActionIQ, Kalibri Labs, MongoDB, JPMorgan or IBM.

Last updated: January 5, 2018

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