Transfering technology at an organic pace

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Sirringhau’s research is in the area of organic transistors – plastics. Right away you would think, how will this ever be mass produced? Two words, inkjet printing. This kind of stuff is fascinating.

“One of the things you learn when you transfer technology out of a university and into a commercial environment is that it’s more difficult and takes longer than you think,” says Mr. Serringhaus. “And it’s not always the things which work in the lab which makes sense for a company.” – Lab Talent: Henning Serringhaus: Going Organic, Red Herring, Oct. 24, 2005

The challenge of moving technology out of the lab and into the commercial world is shared by many. Barring issues with the innovation itself, it should be easier. The fact that it is not screams opportunity!

Mental todo: How can we accelerate the shift from lab to enterprise to deliver merging technology sooner – speeding time to value?