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Challenging Apple with Zen Vision

Published 12y ago -

I just came across an article by John Biggs on the new Creative Zen Vision:M in the Circuits section of the New York Times. Creative’s new personal media player is positioned to compete with the Apple iPod, and it will undoubtedly fail. Very often, busin... More »

Thoughtless acts for inspiration

Published 12y ago -

About two years ago I was recommended a book, The Art of Innovation, by Tom Kelley. It was my first introduction to IDEO, one of America’s foremost design firms. Recently, while looking for follow-on IDEO work, I stumbled upon Thoughtless Acts? and I wan... More »

Emotional by design

Published 12y ago -

Talk to any software development shop and you will hear the terms “iterative development.” While there are many formal methods supporting iterative development processes, the commonality and rough translation is that software is prototyped, reviewe... More »

Emotional Design

Published 12y ago -

I started reading Donald Norman’s Emotional Design today. I have not read anything from him since college, so I thought this 2004 publication might give me a good refresher. Norman is well known from his book, The Design of Everyday Things. I remember be... More »

Neopets – intimate advertising

Published 12y ago -

I was reading a post from Amit Gupta on Neopets, an online virtual pet site, and thought, brilliant! I remember a few news cycles growing up that positioned cartoons as a vehicle to sell products in toy stores. They engage viewers in thirty to sixty minutes of... More »