First signs of fall

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Driving from Norwalk to Weston on Chestnut Hill, turning left onto Westport Road, you can see the first signs of fall. A single tree is turning pomegranate and some of the leftover leaves from last week’s storm blow around at the edge of the street. The very start of fall is here.

Fall is by far my favorite season. I am sure it is linked with the fact that I also love the North East – even better, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The air gets crisper in the fall and the dew is a regular greeting in the morning. Soon we will have the rustling of the leaves and the scent of coming snows.

Human scents tend to be a little heavier in the fall and winter to balance natures own subtle cold as life recedes into the core of plants and earth. Today I purchased a candle at Anthropologie made by Voluspa, Floraison fragrance #4 – Linden Blond Tabac composed of white linden UK, blond tabac absolute, fresh cut tuberose, red grapefruit and tonka bean. It hangs in the air hearty and pondering as if my Aeron chair was actually a brown leather high back in a library of endless books with yellowed pages, deep red carpet at feet. Fall is welcomed even if it has just begun.