Interacting with color

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Josef Albers’ book, The Interaction of Color, was my first real look at color. Ever since I have been eyeing original silk-screens and playing with color. In a first exploration, I dusted off my Macromedia Director hat and threw together a simple visualization to explore color blending, mottling and motion.

The algorithm is pretty simple: given the surrounding boxes, average their colors to determine the current box’s color. On a 10 x 10 matrix, I introduce two pebbles to drop in the pond, one is under the user’s control and the other is related, moving opposite to first and controlled by the computer. Each square has determined a random color and clicking on a given box will reassign it another color. The order in which you calculate the average impacts the visualization – consider that each square is an object, completely self-sufficient. To provide a little more interest, I have forced the rendering to occur around the vertical mid-point.

Sample output from my experiment

Clicking on the image will launch the Shockwave version.