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Jump in before all the water is gone

Published 10y ago -

It is amazing when the comment section of a blog post is longer than the post. The barrier to post is high enough that most people don’t. The comments I refer to are the ones that equal in quality and value of the original, twitter sized posts need not ... More »

Feeling organic with Masahiro Mori

Published 10y ago -

Riding the subway home from Manhattan, I was thinking about visual images that might suggest “clean.” In my mind’s eye, the work of Masahiro Mori came to view – I have a collection of his porcelain mugs. Mori is a great industrial desig... More »

Who is colorblind now?

Published 10y ago -

Adobe Lightroom was one of my last purchases in support of my relationship with photography. It has literally transformed how I approach managing my photos. While it is not a replacement for Photoshop, it is its best compliment. Last week I hopped over to B&am... More »

Invitation is in the action

Published 10y ago -

Facebook presents interesting fodder around a variety of topics including personal privacy, affiliation and community building. In some cases, those topics create interesting tension with each other. For example, in creating your profile you might add all of y... More »