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Have a hug, trust me

Published 11y ago -

I heard today that hugs over twenty seconds create more trust. A little research shows that oxytocin [ok-si-toh-suhn] is at the heart of this thinking – a neurotransmitter in the brain expressed in women during labor, breastfeeding and when males or fem... More »

Interacting with color

Published 11y ago -

Josef Albers’ book, The Interaction of Color, was my first real look at color. Ever since I have been eyeing original silk-screens and playing with color. In a first exploration, I dusted off my Macromedia Director hat and threw together a simple visual... More »

First signs of fall

Published 11y ago -

Driving from Norwalk to Weston on Chestnut Hill, turning left onto Westport Road, you can see the first signs of fall. A single tree is turning pomegranate and some of the leftover leaves from last week’s storm blow around at the edge of the street. The... More »

Life has a soundtrack

Published 11y ago -

Music has the wonderful property of time coding life. At first, I thought maybe that was because music is released over time, but I think that is only a partial contributor. This would be most noticeable if you are a fan of contemporary music, regardless of ge... More »

Tag clouds of today are so yesturday

Published 11y ago -

Anyone living a Web 2.0 lifestyle – using applications like Flickr or Technorati – is sure to have seen a tag cloud. Typically tag clouds depict the frequency a tag has been used within a system. The larger the word, the more times that tag has b... More »